The Congregation has 638 nuns at the start of 2020

We are an international congregation of French origin. Our Mother House is located in La-Salle-de-Vihiers in Maine et Loire, in France..

The congregation has 638 nuns (2020) spread over ten countries. You are welcome on our site

Exploring our site will allow you to get to know us better, to discover the heart of the FCSCJ Mission and what makes us live in the midst of the people where we are established in the world.

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THE GENERAL COUNCIL has been in full since October 19, 2019.

From Monday 22 to Wednesday evening October 24, we met among ourselves at the Annonciades monastery in Thiais for a time of reflection and personal prayer. It was also an opportunity to begin to know and “tame” each other.

Our work sessions officially started on October 27, 2019. We are now able to provide you with some information that gives an overview of our work.

Conseil Général